VME 9725 NAV

2-DIN widescreen naviceiver with 3D high-definition navigation and Personal Color Adjustment, which allows the user to individually adjust the backlight display.

VME 9725 NAV - 2-DIN Naviceiver with 6.2 inch LCD touchscreen and LED backlight

Product information

Clarity, easy operation and individual style are just some of the outstanding features of this multimedia receiver boasting a 6.2 inch TFT monitor with LCD touchscreen and LED backlight.

The iGo Primo 2 3D high-definition navigation system with TMC ensures that you will never get lost even in complex navigation situations. Supplied with maps for 44 countries, the 3D view of numerous buildings and landmarks ensures realistic, precisely displayed surroundings. With 5.5. million POIs (points of interest), you will never miss the next petrol station or the famous sights.

Thanks to the Parrot Bluetooth hands-free unit, there is no need to worry about dropped connections or poor speech quality, with an external microphone ensuring stable signal transmission without background noise interference at all times. Bluetooth audio streaming means that music files can be played back wirelessly with the VME 9725. An iPod/iPhone or USB stick can, of course, also be connected to the Naviceiver for music playback.


The navigation system, the flexible multimedia DVD/CD player and all other functions of the VME 9725 NAV are controlled conveniently on the sensitive touchscreen via the Windows operating system with intuitive user interface. Alternatively, the unit can also be operrated via the remote control provided or via SWC connection* and steering wheel operation.  The Audiovox device can be adapted to personal preferences with five different wallpaper images, eleven RGB light settings and five menu colours.

The large 6.2 inch LCD screen is ideally suited for transmitting a rear view camera video signal for easy parking and manoeuvring. The video signal is connected simply via the integrated video input and displayed automatically when activated.

For powerful acoustic performance, the VME 9725 offers a maximum output of 160 watts, a 3-band equalizer with 7 preset and 1 user-defined EQ curve and integrated subwoofer control.

*SWC READY - We recommend SWC adapter Dietz (PDF)

LED Backlight illumination for the monitor.
High Definition touch screen TFT-Monitor with LCD-Display.
DVD I CD I DivX I Xvid I MP3 I JPEG-Player
Max. output: e.g. 160 W
Hands-free set with integrated and separate microphone.
Card reader for SD memory card.
Including 44-Key Infrared Remote Control.
Multicolor choice for keyboard, menu and background image.
Connect the device to the front or rear USB-connector.
Control for Audiovox headunit via the steering wheel remote.
USB-connector at front or/and back.
Control for the volume and frequency adjustment.
Video input for rear view camera.
Filter to optimize the sound frequencies (bass/midrange/treble)
Navigation system with TMC and description in 3D or 2D.

Power Sound & Navigation

Power Sound

Power Rating
  • Total output power: 160 watts, output power: 4 x 40 watts
3-band equalizer
  • 3-band sound adjustment with 7 preset equalizer curves, 1 custom equalizer curve
4.1 Audio
  • 5 line audio outputs: 2x front, 2x rear and subwoofer (2 V / 100 ohms)
Subwoofer Control
  • Sub X-over frequencies 80 / 120 / 160 Hz, adjustable subwoofer volume


3D Navigation

3D high-definition navigation system iGo Primo 2 with TMC

NavigationMenuNoExit_W CockpitScreen_W

After launching the navigation menu you will be provided with the following options:

  • 'Destination', which allows you to enter an address or a point of interest
  • 'My Route', which allows you to call up the parameters of the route
  • 'Show Map', which allows you to start navigation via the map or
  • 'More', which allows you to adjust the settings of the navigation software.
Maps for 44 European countries
ProgramLanguage_W CockpitScreen3FieldsNoRoute_W
Text-to-speech navigation guidance
  • 15 text-to-speech languages
  • Announcement of street names for route guidance
Navigating to a point of interest

1. Open the navigation menu, tap 'Destination' and select 'Search POI'. You will then be presented with the following predefined search categories:

  • PARKING: At the destination
  • RESTAURANTS: En route
  • ACCOMMODATION: At the destination


Alternatively, you can also enter a custom search and access the 5,5 million points of interest/POIs stored on the VME 9725 NAV.


2. Tap 'Custom Search' and then 'Near Destination'; a list of categories relating to the various points of interest will be displayed. Select 'Leisure' for example. You can browse through all of the categories by selecting 'List all POIs' or you can refine your search, for example, by selecting 'Parks and Recreational Facilities'.


3. The entries in the list specify the location and details relating to the POI. Tap 'Next'


4. The VME 9725 NAV calls up the parameters of the route; a map of the entire route now appears and you can start the navigation process by selecting 'Go'.


Technical Features

  • 16 cm/6.2 digital TFT monitor with LCD touchscreen and LED Backlight
  • Multimedia DVD/CD/DivX/Xvid/MP3 Player
  • 3D high definition navigation system iGo Primo 2 with TMC
  • Premium POI set with 5.5 million POIs
  • Map material for 44 European countries ( Map update on www.naviextras.com)
  • 15 TTS voices (Text to Speech)
  • Parrot Bluetooth hands-free profile via internal and separate microphone and Audio Streaming (A2DP/AVRCP)
  • FM/AM tuner with RDS function
  • AF (Alternative Frequencies), RT (Radio Text), TA (Traffic Announcements)
  • Personal Color Adjustment: 11 RGB light adjustments (keyboard and background illumination) and 5 menu colors
  • Wallpaper adjustment (5 presets, 1 user-defined)
  • Three-Band Equalizer with 7 preset and 1 user-defined EQ curves
  • Subwoofer Control
  • Multi Zone
  • Made for iPod/Made for iPhone
  • jLink 4 cable for iPod/iPhone video playback included
  • Front and rear media inputs (USB 2.0/3.5 mm video connector) with 1.0 A charge rate
  • 5 Line Audio outputs
  • SD card slot at the front side
  • Video input for Rear Camera mode (normal & mirror image), automatic switch-on of Rear Camera mode
  • Power output 4 x 40 watts / total: 160 watts
  • Freely programmable SWC adapter, connection by optional adapter
  • Remote Control
  • Windows 6.0 CE real-time operating system with intuitive graphical interface