Very compact wireless stereo loudspeaker with built-in rechargeable battery for uncomplicated music enjoyment wherever you are

TWIEK6 - Mobile, fully active Bluetooth® stereo loudspeaker -

Product information

The new colours are available!

The Bluetooth speaker is now living up to its liberal aspirations and is being presented in the four new colours "yellow", "light blue", "green" and "pink" . The new colours are available in March 2014.


Twiek 6 from Audiovox – an intoxicating sound and up to 18 hours of total freedom

Bluetooth combined with a brilliant sound and superb mobility: The brand new, ultra compact Twiek 6 Bluetooth speaker ensures up to 18 hours of entertainment thanks to its integrated high-performance rechargeable battery.

Portable Bluetooth speakers are a dime a dozen, but none offer the amount of freedom provided by the Twiek 6 from Audiovox, which is available in three chic finishes. This can be attributed to its outstanding 18 hours of battery life, which can be achieved when operated at a medium volume.  And when the battery finally runs out, you can charge it again quickly and easily via the supplied USB charging cable.

Thanks to its 10 metre operating range you can easily dance with your smartphone in your hand - while listening to your music in optimum quality thanks to the two powerful 40 mm long-throw broadband speakers. The two resilient chassis are supported by a 40x70 mm passive radiator at the rear, which generates a surprisingly powerful bass range.

Such a captivating reproduction will leave you wanting to ignore any incoming calls - unless they are really important. The Twiek 6 comes up trumps here with the option to directly accept calls with its integrated hands-free microphone. This enables you to communicate with your caller in crystal clear quality before the built-in stereo amplifier, which is equipped with an intelligent DSP control system, makes perfect use of the power reserves again and resumes playback of your favourite tunes.

You needn't worry about running out of power. This is also applicable for your smartphone, because if your mobile phone battery has died, the Twiek 6 has an ace up its sleeve: The second of the USB ports can be used to give your smartphone and other devices that can be charged via USB a boost. A maximum output current of 1000 mA is available. The Twiek 6 also has a heart for "Bluetooth-less" devices, as older MP3 players can be accommodated via the analogue 3.5 mm mini jack stereo input.

Thanks to its rugged, specially coated housing the Twiek 6 will provide many hours of enjoyment. It can also be transported easily, as it is supplied with a high quality carrying case


  • Very compact wireless stereo loudspeaker with built-in rechargeable battery for uncomplicated music enjoyment wherever you are
  • Cross-platform Bluetooth® technology makes the loudspeaker compatible with current smartphones and tablets by all manufacturers
  • Thanks to its built-in microphone, it may also be used as a wireless hands-free speakerphone for telephones equipped with Bluetooth®
  • Built-in battery, rechargeable via USB from any computer with a USB port or, a mains adapter with micro USB port and at least 1000 mA output current (included with many smartphones and tablets)
  • Very long battery life of up to 18 hours at medium volume
  • Large wireless range of up to 10 metres
  • Bluetooth® Standard 2.1
  • LED indicators for battery status and Bluetooth® pairing
  • Second USB port, which may be used to charge smartphones and other devices, max. 1000 mA output current
  • Analogue stereo input (3.5 mm plug) for connecting any other audio source (CD players, MP3 players, etc.)
  • USB charging cable and 3.5 mm stereo plug cable included
  • High-quality carrier bag for safe transport
  • Technology
  • Two powerful 40 mm long-throw full-range loudspeakers and hands-free microphone on the front
  • Passive 40 x 70 mm bass radiator on the rear for enhanced bass
  • Volume control on and call-taking directly from the loudspeaker
  • Integrated digital stereo amplifier with intelligent DSP control for optimum system-capacity utilisation
  • Specially coated, attractive case in three colours

Technical Features

2-way, stereo, integrated bass-radiator
2 x 1.6“ full-range driver, 1 x 1.6x2.8“ bass-radiator
black, deep blue, white
up to 18 hours (medium volume)
1 x Analogue stereo input (3.5 mm plug), 1 x Bluetooth® v2.1
1 x Power (Micro-USB, 5V, min. 1A)
1 x Power (USB Typ A, 5V, max. 1A
(WxHxD) 150 x 63 x 40 mm
0,25 kg

• Power On/Off,  Call-taking
• Volume up & down
•  Bluetooth®-Pairing & battery test


•  Bluetooth® stereo loudspeaker Twiek6
•  USB charging cable
•  3.5 mm stereo plug cable
•  carrier bag